May 29, 2022  

This was to be the first of a two day chase.  Tornadic Storms were forecasted up in the Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota area.  My son Ryan and I left early in the morning and met up with Brian Stertz.  After grabbing lunch in Missouri Valley, Iowa on the way up Highway 29, we then moved to our target location in Norfolk, Nebraska.  We eventually adjusted a bit further north to Randolph, Nebraska.  It was here we waited and waited hoping for some daylight development of tornadic storms.  Our friend Tom Stolze came by as we waited.  A storm developed 150 miles to our southwest near Taylor, Nebraska, but due to the distance, we held our ground hoping for development the weather models and forecasters were still anticipating closer to us. 

As we continued to wait, we saw what we found out later was the Hurricane Hunter airplane flying over doing research on the day's atmosphere.

Eventually, it just became obvious that there would no storms during the daylight hours, so just before darkness set in, we gave up on the idea of daylight storm development and traveled east to Sioux City, Iowa where we spent the night.  Severe storms did eventually erupt out to the west in the vicinity of where we had been waiting, but long after nightfall.

So our first day out, we saw zero storms.

Two Day Total  -  23 Hours
  -  1605

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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