May 24, 2020   

After a successful chase the day before and spending the night in Davenport, Iowa, our chase target for our Day 3 chase was Southwestern Iowa / Northwest Missouri.  Tornadic Supercells were a low threat going into the day, but certainly not zero.  As we made our way across Iowa toward our target, we passed a dying line of storms
that gave us a view of an interesting shelf cloud.

When we got to western Iowa, we made the decision to drop down to Maryville, Missouri as our target.  We stopped in Creston, Iowa for lunch.  After lunch we continued working our way south.  We began noticing intensifying Thunderstorms just to the north of Kansas City moving to the northeast.  We reached Maryville and watched for a while and then made the decision to intercept these storms that were going to cross just to the east of Maryville.  We moved to the east, then to the south to intercept.  Getting to Conception, Missouri, the storms were not showing any major strengthening or velocity signatures, so we worked our way east taking a look at each storm that continued to refire on the backside of the storm as they continued to move northeast. 

We worked our way east all the way to Princeton, Missouri before dropping south and ending the chase in Galt, Missouri as the last of the storms goes by.  As we headed south out of Galt to make our way back to Highway 36 to begin our trek back to Kansas City, we were treated to the brightest rainbow everybody in the car had ever seen as we looked back at the last tower going by.

We drove back to Kansas City to drop Brian off passing several other minor updrafts on the way back. 

After the show from the day before, this day was a bit of a let down as the rainbow was the highlight of the day. 

3 Day Trip Total - 2358 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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