July 15, 2020    

Seemed like a rare tornadic storm opportunity for the middle of July, so my son Ryan Thies and I took the chance to see if the storms would cooperate. 

We jumped on the first storms to start firing southwest of us around 60 miles in Franklin County, Missouri.  We met the storms in New Melle, Missouri.  There was not much to see as the storms that had a good supercell look as they were developing, had lost the look and turned into more of a rain blob as it reached us. 

We left those storms and moved across the Mississippi River into Illinois over the I-255 bridge.  As we neared the Illinois state line, a line of storms had developed.  We began hearing reports of 80mph wind within the line going through North St. Louis County, Missouri.  We continued working our way north, now on I-55.  We also watched for kinks in the line that could support a spinup along the way.   

As we worked our way north just barely in of front of the line of storms, there was nothing embedded to indicate the storm would spin up a tornado, so we eventually decided to intercept at the spot in the line where the strong 80mph winds had been reported earlier.  As the storm went through us, we did not encounter any wind gust higher than 40mph.

The only tornado this day was to our north near the town of Divernon, Illinois outside of the area that we had targeted.

4.5 Hours - 214 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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