June 07, 2014   

There was not a huge threat of tornadoes, but I decided to head out solo to check out the storms.  I headed north on Interstate 55 in Illinois from St. Louis toward Springfield, Illinois.  You could see many spinups going on along the way in the atmosphere, but none of these could manage to condense to the ground.  As I approached the rest area, another spinup caught my attention.  This one was ready to cross in front of me across the Highway.  I stopped to watch it, then approached it as it crossed.  It came across a treeline just to the north of the Rest Area near Hamel, Illinois sending leaves flying across the highway as it made a very brief visual, not well defined funnel down to the ground as it passed by.  Was treated to a very low on the horizon rainbow near the end of the day.

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211 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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