May 10, 2010     

Decided to take a trip out to our friend Brian Stertz and head out for a southern Kansas storm chase.  Little did we know that the storms would fire much further south in Oklahoma. We played tag with several tornadic storms going back and forth trying to position ourselves with the storms that were moving at 55 miles per hour. Not an easy task.  Coming up right behind one of the cells on Interstate 35, we intercepted a storm cell that we let pass and observed fresh fallen hail on the back side. Hail the size of softballs were seen laying on the ground. Eventually, we got within range of a tornadic cell moving east on Interstate 40 in Central Oklahoma near dusk. We could see a large, rotating wall cloud in front of us that had a large tornado extending down to the ground.  This cell was a long-lived cell that produced a tornado for many miles along this highway.  It was a long way to travel for a one day show. It had its frustrating moments due to the storm speeds and missing some tornadoes that continued to be just out of reach, but the hail encounter and tornado at dusk made the trip worthwhile.

Large Hail
Softball Size hail
More Hail

Brian Stertz Collecting a Few
Baseball Size + Hail
More Large Hail

Tornado Hidden in Rain?
Large Rotating Wall Cloud

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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