March 12, 2006     

Ryan and I again met Brian for another day of chasing.  This would prove to be a frustrating day.  We headed out of the Kansas City Metro to meet the first round of storms, but because of poor road choices, had the storms fly right by us.  Then got onto a tornadic cell in Sedalia, MO, but got caught on the north end of the storm and cracked the windshield with larger than golf ball hail. 

Then a hasty trip east on I-70 chasing storms back toward St. Louis, but because of the storm's speed, we were unable to catch them and get into a decent viewing position. 

Giving up, we headed back to KC to drop Brian off.  Surprise!  Storms were refiring and producing tornadoes right along the highway.  We observed a night time, lightning lit tornado southeast of Marshall, Missouri (Saline County, Missouri).

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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