June 04, 2005    

My son Ryan Thies and I took a one day trip out to Northeastern Kansas in the hopes of seeing a Tornado.  It was a High Risk day so the possibility was strong.  We met on the road our usual chase partner Brian Stertz who had hooked up with Jeff Piotrowski to chase.  We ended up driving in a caravan with Jeff and Brian and several other chasers.  The first tornado warning came out on a storm about 15 miles away in the vicinity of Hiawatha, Kansas.  As we moved toward it, we could see it on the horizon from about 10 miles away.  Shortly after seeing it, the Tornado dissipated.

We crossed over into Missouri and stopped a gas station near the town of Bolckow, Missouri to fill the tank and take a needed break.  As we were filling the tank, somebody yells out "Tornado".  Sure enough, just to the west of the road, an unexpected rope Tornado was dancing on the ground.  Everyone scrambled to get their cameras and camcorders running.

After the surprise Tornado, we once again worked our way east.  As we neared the town of Allendale, Missouri, a storm we were following went Tornado warned and began producing a tornado.  We followed it including crossing its damage path until its demise.

901 - Miles

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