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February 13, 2011

Sunny, 61°
My friend Brian, my sister Melissa, and I decided that we had to get out and cure our bad cases of cabin fever.  Plus it would be our first herp outing of the year.  We arrived at our destination around 11:00 and there was still quite a bit of sleet and snow covering the ground despite the temperatures being in the 60ís.  The point of todayís outing was to search in and around springs for amphibians.  After not having any luck at the first spring we headed up a dry hillside.  We thought at the very least we could flip a red-backed.  As luck would have it, I managed to do just that.  After photos, we moved on to a few other springs of which only the last one produced.  Here two green frogs and another red-backed salamander were found.  We then decided to try our luck at a snake or two.  However, there was still too much snow and sleet on the ground, resulting in the ground temperatures being too cold, no snakes were found.  That is ok though.  We shook off the cob webs and got our first herp outing of the year under our belts.  A total of 0 snakes.
February 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy, 72°
I woke up this morning to temperatures already in the 60ís with a forecasted high in the mid 70ís.  I had to take advantage of the weather.  My dad and I headed to a local spot to look for our first snakes of the season.  We arrived at the location but it was evident that we were not going to be successful here, so we moved on to another area.  At the new location it took a while, but I soon scared my first snake of the year out of some grass.  Unfortunately, the garter snake bolted down a hole, without a picture.  I redeemed myself by spotting two large ribbon snakes in short order.  This time pictures were taken of both of them.  We continued on and  found a couple more garter snakes and another ribbon snake.  Finding 3 eastern garter snakes and 3 western ribbon snakes is not a bad way to spend an afternoon.  A total of 6 snakes.
February 20, 2011

Mostly Cloudy, 72°
The weatherman was once again calling for warm temperatures, so it was clear what I was going to be doing today.  My dad, my sister Melissa, and I arrived at our destination during the late morning and within minutes were photographing our first snake of the day.  Coiled in the leaf litter was a nice adult racer.  We took pictures and moved on.  It wasnít long before my dad spotted an adult rat snake coiled in the leaf litter.  Again, pictures were taken and we moved on.  We soon came to a section that I can usually flip ring-necked snakes.  I had just made the comment that I had never flipped a snake in February, when I finally flipped my first February snake under a rock.  It was only a ring-necked snake, but it was a very welcome find.  We took some pictures and then I went to return him to his rock, when I decided to look under the same rock again.  To my surprise, there was another ring-necked snake.  It was not there when I flipped the rock the first time.  It must have come up while I was shooting the snake.  I eventually returned both snakes to their home and we continued on.  Some time accumulated without seeing anything else.  However, we finally did get our next find, which was a ribbon snake.  A picture was taken and we continued on only to find another ribbon snake a couple minutes later.  Then another ring-necked snake was flipped under a rock.  Finally, we ended the day by finding a rather attractive garter snake.  The totals are 3 prairie ring-necked snakes, 2 western ribbon snakes, 1 eastern garter snake, 1 eastern yellow-bellied racer, 1 black rat snake, and 1 DOA midland brown snake.  A total of 9 snakes.
February 27, 2011

Mostly Cloudy, 65°
The temperature was warm and I decided it was a good opportunity to check an area near my house for the presence of salamanders.  There were no salamanders found, though I think they are here.  My sister Melissa and I did find some southern leopard frogs and Blanchardís cricket frogs.  We also heard some western chorus frogs calling.  Though we didnít find much, it was still fun to explore the area.  A total of 0 snakes.

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