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November 23, 2022

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November 23, 2022
Rich's House

Poker Players Tonight
Greg Williams, Kevin Kohler
Dustin Thies, Rich Thies

Best Average - Kevin * 14 for 24 * (.583)
Worst Average - Rich * 6 for 24 * (.250)
Most Money Won - Greg * $ 11.25
Most Money Lost - Rich * $ 21.60

  • The first night of the New Poker Season after nearly 4 months of no games.
  • In the game "Bed Springs", Greg 'lays down'  4 Queens putting every other player's hand to 'sleep'.
  • Dustin plays the first 12 Games of the night without winning a single game.

Click to hear our official "P-P-P-P-Poker Song"
Ray Dinkins - Composer

This was a song that was inspired from our acquaintance with our favorite waitress
in our favorite Mexican Restaurant that we frequently dine at before poker.
Right  P-P-P-Pearla!

"Run From The Pudges"
Ray Dinkins - Composer


This song and video was inspired by a game called "10 Card Pudges".  This game was brought to the table by Wes and introduced to Ray for the first time. Rich played the game repeatedly this first night and this contributed to Ray having a bad, losing night at the poker table.

Ray Dinkins
- Composer

This song and video was inspired by the poker game called "One Little Pai Hole Auction".  Rich, bidding auction style to get the final card to complete his straight flush, felt so confident that his hand would be a winner, bet a big stack of money to insure he got the card needed to complete that straight flush.  Of course, to Rich's surprise, Ray was already sitting on a higher straight flush to take all of the money.

"Spunky Song"
Ray Dinkins - Composer

This song and video was inspired by "Spunky", an introduction
made one night through our good friend Fred. 

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