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Welcome to our Poker Page.  This site will feature our friends that have participated in our games.  We also keep yearly statistics and will occasionally feature some of our new games on the featured games pages.  We typically get together about once a week for a few hours of poker.

The Current Players

Richard Thies
Greg Williams
Me, Richard Thies, the keeper of the ledger and the stats.
Greg Williams, living in the poker house (central).  Always a regular at the table.
Sherry Williams
Ray Dinkins, the "Gecko Man", is a regular at the table.
Sherry Williams, sister of Greg, joins us frequently at the poker table. 
Steve Hake
Steve Hake makes an occasional visit to the poker table.  Steve is a long time friend of Wes Walters.
Wes Walters, retired teacher in the same district as Rich, is a regular at the poker table.
Dustin Thies   Jon Askins
Dustin Thies frequently appears at the poker table.  Dustin is the son of Rich.
Jonathan Askins frequently joins us at the poker table. Jon was a former Board of Education Member and was a Teacher in the same district as Wes and Rich.
Chuck Springli Chuck Springli
We welcome Chuck Springli back to the table after 20+ years away.  Chuck is the Brother-In-Law to Rich.
Matt Schuler joins us again at the poker table after being gone for a few years.  Matt is a friend that we met through our trips to Ruiz Mexican Restaurant.
Brian Whyers joins us at the poker table once again on a return visit to St. Louis from Chicago.  Brian is a former band member having played music with Ray and Rich.
"Stevie", known as the blind man, is a regular at our table.  In many of our games. The dealer uses a blind hand, played by "Stevie",  as an equalizer to a poker game.
Next Poker Player Goes Here.  Will That Be You?
Rod joins us at the poker table for the first time.  Rod is a friend of Greg's cousin.
Players at Large
We await your return to the Poker Table

Ben Seres
Tom Marxkors
 Jim Schoeberlein
Dave Berryman

Jack Luedeke
Steve Zimmermann

Arnie Dienoff

Schoeberlein Jim Schoeberlein

Where Have
You All

Updated 12/23/2018
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