The Melissa Thies Home page
Hello!  I'm Melissa. This is my home page. This is me, except I was young in this picture.  I am currently 17 years old and I love  to play sports (as you can see).

I love animals, particularly frogs. I like to go out and observe these fascinating creatures. This one happens to be a Gray Tree Frog. Which is my favorite frog in the state of Missouri. I have seen 12 out of 21 species of frogs in Missouri. 

(I did not take this picture)

This is my dog Sandi. She is 11 years old now. The only true senior citizen in my home. She is very smart, although she acts very dumb. She likes to head butt my door and wake me up in the morning. It's her favorite hobby. She also likes to go out and chase squirrels and opossums. Sometimes she will actually catch something. She's very cute and cuddly.

I belong in two school related clubs. One is the Outdoor Adventure Club (which I am president of) and the Envirothon. I also volunteer to clean streams and do water quality. Did you know you can actually take Water Quality classes here in MO. I have taken the introductory level and want to take Level 1.   I also love to write stories and role-play with friends.  Currently I am working on a novel to which I hope will get published soon. So good luck to me.  I love to draw too. It's a hobby for me just like observing animals.

I've said too much and there is so little time to do it in. So if you're interested in what I do, or you want to become friends, you can email me then!!