Bill's Rock Hill

Final Tribute to the Late William (Bill) Thies 
and his Union Road Agates

Known as the Union Road Agate Man, Bill's collecting goes back to the 1960's when Interstate 55 and Interstate 270/255 was being built.  He collected Union Road Agates in a several mile radius around the 270/255 and 55 Interstate Highway exchange.  The collecting, cutting, grinding, and polishing of Union Road Agates was a passion of Bill.  These agates have appeared in many Rock and Mineral Shows and in many Rock and Mineral magazines and publications.  The end of an era came on November 24, 2017 as his entire collection of Rocks and Minerals were sold including his prized collection of Union Road Agates.  The family did decide to keep a couple of the Union Road Agates including the one pictured in the first picture below.  This one is the biggest and the best Union Road Agate in the collection not to mention the biggest one known, without flaws, to be found in the entire world.