May 02, 2018   

After a very satisfying chase on May 01, it was looking like the best storm opportunity was going to be in Southwest Oklahoma today.  The oddity of the day was that the Moderate Risk for storms was in Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri and only a slight risk down in Southwest Oklahoma, but the prospects for tornadic supercells were better in Oklahoma.  By mid-morning, we were on the road. 

Our target city was Clinton, Oklahoma.  As the supercells started to initiate, we ended up going a bit further south toward the city of Hobart, Oklahoma.  We got in position ahead of the storm near the town of Lone Wolf, Oklahoma just as the storm began ramping up.  The storm had a good look and became extremely electrical with bolt after bolt of cloud to ground lightning, many at very close range.

It wasn't long before Ryan yells out "Is that a Tornado?  There's a dust swirl!".  Above it was a slender funnel cloud giving the answer about whether it was a tornado or not.  The funnel and its dust swirl only lasted for a minute or two and then it was gone.

This storm continued on without seemingly wanting to give a repeat performance.  We went through some indecision as we were hearing about storms further south that were reportedly putting down tornadoes.  We couldn't decide if we wanted to leave the storm we were on because it could regain strength or move south with on-going tornadoes, but the possibility that they would gust out by the time we'd get there.   We moved a bit south, but then came to the conclusion we needed to come back north to get back on the storm we were originally on.  The northern storm never gained the intensity again to make another attempt at a tornado.  We followed the storm all the way into the Oklahoma City metro as dusk was now taking over.  At that point we called off the chase, got some food, and began the long journey back to Kansas City as Brian needed to be back to work on Thursday morning.

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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