June 29, 2017  

After the chase yesterday, we were ready to find storms in this day's forecast.  This day would have a minimal chance of tornadoes, but we planned on making a run at it anyway.  After my son Ryan missed the events the day before, he decided to come out to Kansas City to meet us and chase with Brian Stertz and I today.  We left Brian's place after he put in a few hours at his work.

Our target was southeast Kansas.  We stopped in at the Dairy Queen for lunch in Garnett, Kansas.  As we finished lunch, the sky was beginning to show signs of breaking the cap and a few storms began to show up on radar.  We drove north toward new development, but soon realized that the best development was to our south and southwest.  We changed direction and headed in that direction.  There were two storms that really seemed to be the primary storms as we moved toward them to the southwest.

As we approached the first storm, it looked good on radar, but then seemed to vaporize in front of us.

This left the trailing storm that was much bigger and better looking on radar as the only legitimate cell left.  We continued to get into position on that cell as it approached us from the southwest, but just like the first cell, as the cell got right in front of us, the cell seemed to drastically weaken. 

One of the oddities of the day was seeing this shear funnel in between the two cells. A

TOTAL MILES:  393 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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