April 26, 2016   
Departed for Overland Park, KS with my son Ryan and his friend, Jeremy Brendal in the early evening of "chase eve".  Spent the night at Brian's place and up the next morning ready to go.  The target was Kingman, Kansas.  The initial target held as we had lunch at the Kingman Kansas Pizza Hut.  After lunch, we decided to move just a bit south as we began seeing returns on the radar down inside the Oklahoma border.  As we headed south, we began seeing cells erupting right in front of us in southern Kansas.  Wasn't long before we could tell these cells were gaining strength.  We worked our way east to get in an ideal spot and watched as the back end of the storm came right to us as they became tornado warned. 

As the storms moved by us and we followed, we were treated to many shapes of the wall cloud and many funnel clouds with several nearly touching the ground.  It was later reported that a tornado did indeed touch the ground although we were never in position to notice anything swirl up on the ground ourselves. 

As these storms moved away toward the Wichita, Kansas metro area, we saw more storms developing south of us.  We moved our way south into Oklahoma to get in line with these storms, but these storms, but our hope of them developing into tornadic supercells never came to be.