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From the Collection of the Late, William "Bill" Thies

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In the 40+ years of Bill's rock collecting, Bill never missed an opportunity to take a field trip to find beautiful rocks "in the field" and at every opportunity, traveled the country attending rock and mineral shows and always set up a table in the swap areas to trade for something new or trade for a good quality specimen.  During those collecting years, he has accumulated many showroom specimens from all over the world.  This includes the many Union Road Agates for which he is most widely known.  Many of these spectacular rocks and specimens were boxed up only because of the lack of room to display them.  One half of his two car garage was the storage area for all of these boxes.  All of these excess rocks and minerals are being put up for sale.  These boxes include Agates, Geodes, Crystals, Minerals, and some Cutting Material.  There are in excess of 775 boxes of rocks stored in the storage area of the garage.  Nearly 200 of those boxes are the rare, now unavailable, Union Road Agates.  We will be seeking a buyer for the whole lot, all 775+ boxes.  The asking price for the entire lot of 775+ boxes of rocks is $ 12,000.00.

We would consider splitting the lot up with one part being the Union Road Agates and the other lot being everything else.  If the lot is split, the family has decided we will not sell the Union Road Agates until the other, non-Union Road Agate lot is liquidated. 

This is a terrific opportunity for somebody who is interested in a quality collection to jump-start their own collection or for somebody who may be interested in taking the collection at this price and turning the collection around to make a healthy profit.

If you are interested, contact either one of us (listed at the top of the page) and we will make the arrangements for you to come by to view the collection that is up for sale.

For those of you that have seen Bill's showrooms, the family has revamped his main showroom in the basement and we have plans to revamp the garage show area as well.  These specimens in these areas will not be up for sale at this time as we intend on spreading the interest and the passion for the rock collecting hobby that Bill had during his life.

Here are some photos of the shelves filled with boxes of rocks and specimens that are up for sale.  Please let us know if you have an interest.  We look forward to hearing from you and making arrangements for you to look what is for sale within those boxes.


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